EXP 5020ZE

New Solmec EXP5020ZE: "Citius!, Altius!, Fortius!"

SOLMEC, a leading manufacturer of electric rehandler with batteries, launches the New EXP5020ZE.


After the success of the EXP50ZE, Solmec continues the development of electric machines on batteries with the new EXP5020ZE.
Of the 20-24 ton class machine, the new EXP5020ZE responds to the request of operators who need lifting more and more distant (2.5 ton to 10.0 m) maintaining an autonomy of one working shift..


Solmec EXP5020ZE is powered by 2 parallel batteries from 930A to 120V with voltage transformer from 120V to 24V for auxiliary circuits.
Two inverters controlled by CAN-BUS for the management and control of the hydraulic pump and swing system.
Two high-frequency electronic chargers with high-efficiency charging complete the machione.

Solmec EXP5020ZE is highly efficient and uses both the "Load Energy Saving System" (LESS) and the "KERS" (Kinetic Energy Recovery System)


It’s an hydro-pneumatic system of the machine passive weights support, it is constituted by a conventional hydraulic ram, connected directly to a series of hydro-pneumatic accumulator which guarantee a direct hydraulic force to the hydraulic ram. A multi-function solenoid valve unit, electronically managed, controls the correct functionality and the pre-charge pressure of the system. Through this system, the hydraulic power used for the handling of the load is real.


The electric swing motor/generator captures and regenerates energy produced at each time by the upper structure slows down and converts it into electric energy. The regenerated energy is
stored into the batteries.

Threephase electric motor with electronic control by inverter. 2 work speed are available, variable speed in fonction of the working mode choised.
4 working mode are suitable: POWER, NORMAL, ECO, FINE.

  Setting Power: 40kW
  Rotating Speed:   2300giri/min
  Max Torque : 300 Nm


Open “LOAD SENSING” circuit constituted by a variable displacement axial pump, with automatic flow setting, 4 power levels setting, feeding a distributor block composed by 6 elements, with high pressure control valves and anti-choc valves on each element.

  Maximum flow: 185 lt/min
  Max. hydraulic pressure: 310 bar
  Hydraulic tank capacity: 160 lt
  Hydraulic circuit capacity: 240 lt


 download 1 download the brochure

For more information contact solmec@solmec.it 


EXP 5020ZE Special Edition


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